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BORA 75 cocktail in flute glass alongside a gold tumbler


BORA 75 Clean, crisp, and classic. But with a twist. Unusually named after an artillery gun in the First World War, The French 75 appeared on the menu at Harry’s Bar, Paris in 1915. Classically made with gin, the floral and aromatic flavours of BORA Botanical Rum give added depth to this sparkling, citrusy, celebratory …

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BORA Negroni on a tree stump with cherry blossom


BORA Negroni  A Mediterranean apertif Named after Count Negroni who asked the bartender in his local Italian cafe for something stronger than the Campari, sweet vermouth and soda ‘Americano’ that he usually drank. Substituting gin for soda gave a perfectly balanced bitter sweet drink now known ubiquitously as a Negroni. Go one step further by substituting …

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BORA Daquiri with sprig of lime and blossom flowers

BORA Mojito

BORA Mojito Strange to think that Mojitos were created in Cuba to disguise the taste of poor rum. The Mojito is now a tribute to the quality of the rum. The combination of Mint, Lime and Sugar enhance the subtle flavours of Bora giving an icon and perfect summer cocktail and a welcome to sunny …

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Top down looking at a martini glass with a bay leaf in it. colourful background tile

BORA Dry Martini

BORA Dry Martini Clean, crisp, and classic. But with a twist. There is nothing quite like a martini to set an evening off to a great start. It feels decadent and exciting, a break from the norm, but in the case of a BORA martini it couldn’t be easier to prepare. The botanicals in our …

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Bora and Tonic in a glass on a wooden base

BORA Rum and Tonic

BORA Rum and Tonic  A slice of history with a difference The nation’s favourite cocktail, the gin and tonic has been a staple ever since it was given to soldiers and diplomats to stave off malaria in the 19th century. More recently this timeless cocktail has benefited from the proliferation of new and interesting styles …

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Bees Knees Cocktail in a matini glass next to a cold cocktail shaker. It is placed on a wooden box with a green background


The BORA Bee A prohibition classic, modernised This drink is a riff on A Bee’s Knees.  The creation of Frank Meier, a bartender at the Ritz in Paris in the 1920’s, this is a delicious cocktail traditionally featuring gin, lemon juice, and honey that has fallen out of the limelight in recent years. We plan …

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