BORA Dry Martini

Clean, crisp, and classic. But with a twist.

There is nothing quite like a martini to set an evening off to a great start. It feels decadent and exciting, a break from the norm, but in the case of a BORA martini it couldn’t be easier to prepare. The botanicals in our rum – in particular the bay and the nettle – add the depth and herbal flavour normally associated with Vermouth.

Top down looking at a martini glass with a bay leaf in it. colourful background tile

What you need

  • 50mls BORA Botanical Rum
  • Two bay leaves
  • Ice
  • Cocktail shaker, stirrer and Hawthorn strainer.


Take a cocktail shaker base and fill two-thirds full of ice. Measure and pour the rum (which can be stored in the freezer), and add the bay leaf. Stir for around half a minute until the liquid is nicely chilled and the bay leaf has infused its flavour into the ice and rum. Sieve this through a Hawthorn Strainer straight into a chilled martini glass. The rum, having been cooled down, will look thicker and more oily than it did before. Bruise and then gently float the remaining bay leaf into the martini. Savour immediately.

Unlike the infamous Fleming character, we recommend stirring rather than shaking. Bond clearly preferred his martinis weaker and colder, whilst we think BORA is best enjoyed packed with flavour. If the recipe as it stands is a bit too alcoholic for your liking, you could always consider stirring for longer to dilute it further.

Tasting notes

The simplicity of a martini demonstrates just how smooth our rum is, and drinking it without mixers allows the botanical notes – especially the bay – to come to the fore. 

”I had never tasted anything so cool and clean…They made me feel civilized.”

Ernest Hemingway, Farewell to Arms

We are currently out of stock for our Rum, and are making the next Batch. This takes a little time so please check back soon. Thanks so much for all your support!