Cornish Hot Toddy Kit


Cornish Hot Toddy Kit Contents

20Cl BORA rum

8oz Circular&Co. reusable cup

28g Cornish Honey & 2 Lemon Verbena infusions from Tregothnan


What is BORA Botanical Rum?
BORA Botanical Rum is spiced rum reinvented. Distilled with locally sourced botanicals – including nettles and quinces – BORA is a light, dry, and aromatic spirit. It is exceptionally smooth, lightly spiced, and unlike any other rum.

What is a Botanical Rum Hot Toddy?

With the nights drawing in there is nothing quite like a hot toddy to warm the soul and to stave off the winter chills. But we wanted to elevate this humble drink by pairing our botanical rum with a quality local honey, and a lemon-tea infusion, to further enhance its charismatic aroma and distinctive taste.

What Makes This Botanical Rum Hot Toddy Kit Special?

We not only wanted to make an excellent rum hot toddy, but we also wanted to make it with Cornish partners who share our passion for environmental and social responsibility. So we have partnered with Circular&Co. who make the best reusable mugs around, which are made out of recycled disposable coffee cups. And Tregothnan’s, the UK’s first tea plantation, who not only have a passion for flavour but exacting environmental standards too. The packaging is supplied by Flexi-Hex – it’s robust, looks great and is both plastic free and fully recyclable.